Welcome to the new iCollect

Welcome! We’ve just launched iCollect Everything and we’re super excited to share it with all of our existing and new customers. We’ve been working on it for over two years and poured our heart and soul into the product, taking customer feedback along, the way to vastly improve it compared to our previous offerings. It’s going to improve your collecting experience for everything, and it’s a one-of-a-kind product on the App Store. But before you read any further, I encourage you to download it right away. It’s free to try.


So now that you have the app on your device, let’s dive into some common questions that existing customers may have coming over from our previous Sort It Apps products.

How is iCollect Everything better than my existing collecting apps I use?

If you’re moving over from our existing products, I can understand why you’d what to know why you should switch. The absolute biggest feature we’ve added is “Customized Collectables”, which will allow you to catalog any collectable you own; everything from Harry Potter to Coca-Cola to sewing patterns, and whatever else you can think of. But there is a ton more, I encourage you to check out the What’s New in iCollect Everything page for a full list of just some of the features and fixes we’ve made.

Why are you making a new app instead of updating my existing one?

There are some massive technical changes we’ve made that make it nearly impossible to put out iCollect Everything an app update. I apologize if I get a bit technical, but here are the high-level details:

We’ve made a completely new database and middle communications tier, built from the ground up, with data integrity being at the forefront of the new design. We’ve also rewritten the entire app itself in a new language called Swift, and designed the app with iOS 11 and beyond in mind. Not only that, we made the app a Universal app (meaning it works on both iPhone and iPad within one single app) to simplify our code base and purchasing model. And to top it off, Apple has recently made some rule changes that require us to combine all of our collectable apps (Movies, Books, Video Games, etc) into one single app going forward. This means if you’ve been using a standalone product such as our old Books Manager app, Apple is essentially making it impossible for us to update those apps at this point anyway.

What’s going to happen to my existing apps and collections?

Your existing apps will still function for the time being and we have no plans to shut them down. But…

As Apple and Google update their mobile operating systems, we’ll be unable to update your existing apps to work with changes to those systems. This is partly due to the fact that Apple isn’t going to let us update the standalone apps, as I mentioned in the previous question, but it’s also because we’d like to eventually move you and everyone else over to the better product, iCollect Everything. Not immediately, but over time, we’ll be slowly pulling those legacy apps from being available on the app stores.

Your collection will be accessible as long as the app works on your device, and you’ll be able to import that collection into iCollect Everything if you wish to move over. If you want us to help you get that done, shoot us an e-mail with your old Sort It Apps username.

How much is iCollect Everything going to cost me?

February 2019 UPDATE: After some tweaking and user feedback, we’ve moved to a one-time purchase model. Each collectable is $9.99 US dollars to unlock, once you’ve reached a larger collection size. For example, reach 75 movies and you’ll be asked to pay in order to add more.

We do have a special offer for an additional $29.99 to unlock everything, which you’ll be offered only after you’ve reached the limit of your second collectable type. These are one-time prices, as we now no longer have any type of subscriptions within our apps.

Is there a discount for existing paid users moving to iCollect Everything?

No, not at this time, sorry. We look at iCollect Everything as a new product line with a new payment model.

Your existing apps will continue to function, but we can’t promise that they will work forever, and they will receive no further updates. You will also be missing out on all of the great new features and fixes we’ve added to iCollect Everything

What about Android, web, and desktop apps?

Android app – Coming 2019.

Web portal – Coming late 2019.

Desktop app – Mac, early 2019. Windows, mid 2019.

Is iCollect a new company?

Yes and no. iCollect LLC is technically a new company, but it’s being run by everyone who was at Sort It Apps. We’re simply transitioning. This will be the last time we’ll have to go through one of these transitions. We love the iCollect brand name and our consolidated products, so it’s to the moon or bust with iCollect from this point forward.

What is the future of your products?

One thing that can be frustrating as a user is wanting a new feature in a product and not knowing how long it will be until it arrives. I’m going to be personally putting together a post about our future milestone plans and when you, as a user, can expect to see your most requested features going forward. Our priority right now is getting the iCollect Everything products out on both Android and as a web portal. After that, expect some major updates from me as to what is next.

We do have a ton of new things planned going forward, in fact too many to list, but here’s a high-level overview of some ideas:

  • Android app
  • Mac and Windows desktop apps
  • Web portal
  • Tons of features such as international localization, more themes, new fields, exporting images, PDF export, box set breakout, bulk adding via Database Search, and much more. We have a giant list.
  • Real-time valuation integration for more collectable types
  • Modified quick-add feature for large quantity items such as baseball cards
  • Data correction improvements via AI and ML
  • Integrated marketplace
  • Integrated news related to your collectable type
  • Integrated social platform for you to be able to interact with others who collect the same things you do
  • Inventory upgrades to help teachers with classroom books and companies with inventory management
How will you be improving communication with customers going forward?

This website with its blog posts will be a major way that we communicate going forward. In the past, with Sort It Apps, we were a black box, putting updates out randomly and not effectively communicating those plans with you. We also want to be more straight-forward with customers about product plans, pricing, and potential changes and special offers we might have. If you don’t think our communication is up to snuff, e-mail me and request an update.

Tell me about your development team.

iCollect is a very small team, smaller than you may think. We have a handful of full-time employees (including Ethan and Chris, the two original co-founders of iCollect) and contract out additional work as needed. We work every weekday, Monday through Friday, to try and improve our products and service for you.

How can I contact someone working at iCollect?

You can e-mail us any time. We’ll try our best to answer within 48 hours or your contact during work hours, Monday – Friday.

We do not have a publicly available phone number you can call nor do we have an address you can reach us at, as we are a small private company with extremely limited staff. If you call someone, no one will answer. If you show up at our door, no one will answer. E-mail us please.