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Rebel U-Wing Fighter Vehicle
This Cassian Andor action figure was packed-in with the U-Wing Fighter and was released on September 30, 2016

Cassian came with a blaster which fits well into both of the figure’s hands

The blaster can be placed into the overly big holster

The vest is part of the figure and not removable
The color tone on the outfit matches the on-screen outfit well

There are lots of details on the figure including wrinkles on the outfit, the stripes down the jacket, the rebel insignia, all those details on the actual costume are represented in the sculpt
Cassian Andor fits very well into the U-Wing fighter’s cockpit

The Cassian Andor figure reviewed here was painted quite well, but we’ve seen some pretty mediocre paint applications on an entire series of these figures, make sure to inspect it through the window in the packaging before buying it
Release Date:
Star Wars: The Rogue One Collection
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2020-06-13 02:21:52
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