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Mixmaster Constructicon
Mixmaster (Constructicon, 1985/1986)

Team ID number: 6

Japanese ID number: 34

Accessories: Laser pistol, Magna Laser, twin blaster, drill missile projectile

Mixmaster was originally from Takara’s Pre-Transformers Diaclone toyline, as ”Construction Vehicle Robot No. 6 Concrete Mixer”. Mixmaster transforms into a green and purple cement mixer slightly resembling a Volvo F12 (but probably a Nissan Diesel mixer truck like the old Tomica scale model), and can also form an ”Attack Truck” mode by attaching his laser pistol and Devastator’s rifle onto and behind his cab roof. Unlike the other Constructicons with projectile launchers, Mixmaster’s launcher is built into him (above his head), and can only be used in robot mode. Either the twin blaster or the drill projectile can be loaded into this launcher, though for safety reasons, the spring inside was severely weakened in the US release.When the Constructicon toys are combined into Devastator, Mixmaster forms the left leg. Unfortunately, combining Mixmaster with his teammates damages his rubsign, which is clumsily positioned so it overlaps the hole on the rear of his vehicle mode into which the tab that holds him in place locks.On the European continent, Mixmaster was initially released individually alongside the other Constructicons by Hasbro’s subsidiary Milton Bradley (MB) in 1985. In 1986, Mixmaster and the other Constructicons were re-released in Europe, albeit this time in ”Hasbro”-branded packaging (but manufactured by Joustra). The main difference with all other releases thus far was that the Constructicons’ main color was now yellow instead of green.These are not to be confused with the later, non-combining yellow European Constructicons, nor with the yellow Generation 2 Constructicons (see below for both).For the GiG Italian release of Transformers, ”Rollo” and the other ”Escavators” were sold in boxes very similar to the Takara packaging instead of on Hasbro-style cards. The boxes even sported the Takara ID numbers from ”31” to ”36”, and omitted the ”Hasbro” logo on the packaging in favor of a ”Takara” logo.
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