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Strongarm (Warrior Class, 2014/2015)

Japanese release date: 2015-03-21

Japanese ID number: TAV03

Accessories: Rifle

Part of the first wave of Hasbro’s Warrior-class figures, Strongarm transforms into a police SUV of made-up model. This larger, more complex and poseable version of the character includes a rifle accessory (with an odd permanent "blast effect” on the barrel-tip), which can be mounted using 5mm ports in both robot and vehicle mode. Like so many toys, her head is designed with a light-piping gimmick that’s rendered moot by both opaque plastic and painted optics.Her scannable Autobot insignia is on her robot-mode right chestplate. As she’s packaged in robot mode, this badge is easily scannable on-card without purchase.The TakaraTomy Adventure version of this toy (sold in the first wave of product) uses a deeper shade of blue, as well as having more complicated paint operations. In vehicle mode she has a silver grill and blue striping on her hood, as well as more complicated striping on her side-panels. In robot mode, rather than having the solid-blue chestplate and helmet, she has much more show-accurate white-and-blue striping. Her scan-badge is also different, used in TakaraTomy’s Transformers Chronicle app, though in-package it’s covered by a dummy sticker to prevent pre-purchase scanning.This mold was also used to make Greejeeber, and retooled differently into Ratchet. In 2017, the original figure eventually made a comeback in the 10th wave of the Warrior Class line with the "Combiner Force” packaging. Her scannable sticker is also altered, but scanning the badge only unlocks Energon currency, but not the character.
Robots In Disguise 2015
Robots In Disguise 2015
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Warrior Class
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