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Rattrap (Deluxe Class, 2014)

Series / Number: 02 / #017

Accessories: 2 blasters, demolition charge

Part of the ninth wave of 2012-onwards Generations: Thrilling 30 Deluxe Class toys, Rattrap is a new mold that reattempts the original toy but at a larger size and with a more complicated transformation. He has two blasters which can combine to form a larger rifle, and his left forearm opens to reveal a demolition charge. The blaster can be stored securely in a slot between the robot’s back and the backpack to simulate Rattrap reaching behind his head to draw it. Additionally, he is jointed so that he can be standing upright in rat mode, much like he did in the television show, and extra fur-textured plastic is placed at the back of his neck so that it can close up the gap when his rat head is facing downwards. His tail is rubberized with a wire running through it, allowing it to be posed. Though, like most Deluxe Class Generations toys, he is tooled to have lightpiped eyes, his eyes are painted over in red.He suffers from a design flaw in which an overly tight transformation joint in the shins can crack the legs or cause stress marks. This can be fixed with careful trimming of the back of the joint.[1]He comes with a copy of "Finest Hour”, which places its pages massively out of order and does not actually feature Rattrap.Notably, the photo on the back of the box depicts him with a large Maximal logo on his right robot mode leg that is not present on the actual toy.Rattrap became a noticeable shelfwarmer long after his release. He was still found in plentiful numbers throughout future waves of the Thrilling 30 line, and could still be found while Combiner Wars was in full swing.This mold was redecoed into BotCon 2015 Packrat.
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