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Metroplex SDCC
Metroplex (Titan Class, 2013)
Japanese release date: 9-28-2013
Japanese ID number: TG23
Accessories: Scamper figure, Scamper’s blaster, 1 gun & missile (Hasbro version only), 2 guns & missiles (TakaraTomy version only), 2 shoulder cannons, repair claw
Generations Metroplex was repurposed as Aligned Metroplex by Transformers: The Covenant of Primus.
Holy Frijoles, dudes.

The centerpiece of Hasbro’s Thrilling 30 anniversary campaign, Generations Metroplex stands around 24 inches tall in robot mode, snatching the title of "tallest Transformers toy ever produced” from the original Fortress Maximus toy by a two inch margin. His packaging is a wonderful testament to this fact, sporting numerous "Over 2 ft. tall!” call-outs, a measuring scale down its edge, and the statement of "BIGGEST EVER!” in huge letters.
His robot mode is highly articulated, even featuring individually-jointed fingers, as well as articulated pupils that can move from side-to-side when a lever behind his head is moved. He also has a cartoon-accurate visor which flips down when his antennae are twisted forward, and can be flipped back up when the antennae are twisted back, or when one pushes the visor up with their fingers.
He comes with a large, spring-loaded, missile-firing gun that can be held by his hands, or mount onto a 5mm port on his back to serve as a shoulder-mounted weapon. The gun itself is so large that it’s sculpted with a bridge and numerous tiny turrets to resemble a starship, and its barrel tip is cast in orange plastic for safety reasons. He also comes with two smaller cannons which are meant to peg onto the cannons on his shoulders, but can also be hand-held. Metroplex is covered with numerous 5mm peg-holes for weapons mounting, and his weapons also feature 5mm pegs.
When the center portion of his chest is pressed down, his eyes and chest light up, and he plays an alternating series of seven voice clips and five sound effects of him eliminating a Decepticon threat, all from the Fall of Cybertron video game. Batteries are not included.
He can transform into either a multi-wheeled aircraft carrier or a city mode, and both modes are specifically designed and scaled to interact with the Thrilling 30 Legends Class toys. For both modes, Metroplex’s head transforms into a turret with 5mm handles, and a ramp extends from the right side of his chest. His aircraft carrier mode is armed with the (now-extended) cannons on his shoulders, has an articulated repair claw arm attached via 5 mm post at the end of the runway, and has both a flip-out double-barreled turret and a mini heli-pad on the left shoulder. Meanwhile, his city mode has numerous roadways, ramps, and compartments, is armed with a flip-out turret on his right forearm, and the left side of his chest opens up, revealing hidden sculpted weaponry at the bottom half, as well as a larger heli-pad and two flip-out pillars of unknown purpose at the top half.
To complete his deco, Metroplex comes with a sticker sheet composed of over 100 stickers depicting, among other things, computer terminals, readouts, and interfaces, hazard-striped caution signs (for his moving parts), and stickers for the windows on his chest, which depict Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, and Arcee. Many of these stickers contain Cybertronian text, such as signs that indicate rooms as being used to store ammo and energon cells, an Autobot symbol with Soundwave’s name graffitied over, a schematic of Scamper labeled as "Slammer”, and even a sign that says "INTERLOCK, DYNOTHERMS, MEGA THRUSTERS” in an apparent reference to Voltron. Unfortunately, the sticker sheet swaps the numbers of stickers 31 and 77, while the sticker instructions list sticker 13 twice, with "13” being located on both a runway panel (which is correct) and on the repair claw (which isn’t).
He comes with Legends Class Scamper. In order for this version of Metroplex to fit in his packaging, he is packaged with his right arm detached. Some assembly required. The version released in various multilingual packaging variants (notably in Canada and the UK) has a different soundbox, omitting all of Metroplex’s voice clips. Oddly, the front and back of the packaging is lacking the Generations moniker, instead being simply branded Transformers. The top and bottom of the packaging do sport the Generations logo, however, as do the instructions.
The TakaraTomy version, part of the ninth wave of Japanese Generations toys, has two guns and missiles. Among other deco changes, he also replaces much of his black plastic (such as his runways and city compartments) with white, features a vacuum-metallized face, replaces the "safety orange” on his guns with black, and features a slightly different shade of red. He gains numerous additional paint operations, mostly for his guns and robot mode, which are either meant to replace stickers on the Hasbro version, or are meant to mirror details on the original G1 toy. As a result, he has fewer stickers overall, although they are metallic, and he does have some additional sticker details not on the Hasbro version. The instructions are also more thorough and complete, telling one about the features of the toy, and how to attach the two guns and shoulder cannons for all three modes. His soundbox is the unchanged English version with the voice clips, and he comes with his arm assembled in the (much larger) box. The package art has also been modified, altering Metroplex’s deco, and removing the various Autobots moving around on his person. If purchased in Asian countries outside Japan, this version also included an exclusive Metroplex-themed cord/cable holder.
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