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Gamorrean Guard
GUARANTEED TO BE EFFECTIVE, our unique formula has been tested in practice and can effectively repel and kill fleas or ticks. SAFE AND NATURAL, it is made from natural plant essential oils, without the stimulation and strict use requirements of chemicals; but the effect is guaranteed. 9 MONTH SUPPLY, our product has a larger capacity than other products and has a longer protection time. However, pets can’t be bathed for three days after use. Each use can protect for one month. The amount of use each time is based on the cat’s weight. Our product is only suitable for pets over 10 weeks old, if your pet has other diseases themselves and broken skin wounds please suspend the use of this product. We used a transparent bottle and it has a scale on the bottle, which makes it easy to use. Please read the instructions before use. Pets that are too young, too light, have broken skin or are sick are not suitable for use.
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2022-02-21 17:15:53
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