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Rumble Robot Mode
Decepticon Rumble (Deluxe Class, 2012)

Series/number: 1 / 014

Japanese release date: December 26, 2012

Japanese ID number: AM-30

Accessories: Left & right pile drivers (Hasbro only), "Dago R” Arms Micron (TakaraTomy only)

Part of the fifth wave of Prime: Robots in Disguise Deluxe Class toys, "Decepticon Rumble” transforms into a blue compact car resembling a chrysler crossfire with red windows. He features small, sculpted cannons on his back kibble panels, and also comes with a pair of pile driver accessories with sculpted, non-firing cannon barrels at the ends. The pile drivers can peg via 5 mm post onto the rear sides of the vehicle and the backs of his robot shoulders, or they can be held by his hands, with the weapons covering most of his hands and looking like integrated weaponry. Additionally, the weapons themselves each feature a peg-hole underneath their barrel ends. He also has a "dramatic head reveal,” wherein his head springs out from within his torso when said torso is opened during transformation.Since his hands are fully painted, the paint tends to scrape off whenever he holds his weapons. Additionally, while he does have a ball-jointed waist, his crotch panel gets in the way, restricting movement.In wave six of the Prime toyline, Rumble was put into new packaging, which came with a DVD featuring the Prime episode, "Loose Cannons”.The Hasbro stock photography for this toy depicts blue paint operations on his pile drivers that are absent from the final product.Rumble’s TakaraTomy release, part of the tenth assortment of Prime toys in Japan, is significantly different from the Hasbro version. First of all, he’s red as per the Generation 1 toys. He uses the mold’s alternate head, and has several different paint operations, as well as customer-applied stickers, including a Soundwave-shaped sticker meant to complement its twin on Frenzy, allowing the two to combine their shoulder kibble into a Soundwave-glorifying shield. Instead of the twin pile-driver weapons, he comes with a single Arms Micron partner named Dago R, a robotic octopus that transforms into something resembling the Hasbro version’s pile drivers.This mold (with the alternate head) was redecoed into Frenzy. This mold also served as the basis for the non-toy Beast Wars: Uprising designs of Rattrap and Packrat.
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