Ricochet Stepper (Vehicle Mode) Toys
Ricochet Stepper (Vehicle Mode) Toys
Ricochet Stepper (Vehicle Mode) Toys
Ricochet Stepper (Vehicle Mode) Toys
Ricochet Stepper (Vehicle Mode) Toys"R"Us
Ricochet with Nightstick (2004)
Accessories: "Nightstick” Targetmaster partner, gun mount backpack, rifle, missile launcher backpack, 3 missiles

Hasbro actually announced their reissue of Stepper prior to Takara, finally christening him with the new English name of "Ricochet” seventeen years after his creation. Released as part of the ninth and final wave of Toys"R"Us exclusive Commemorative Series reissues, Ricochet shared all the modifications made to Takara’s reissue, except that—as had previously been the case with Hasbro’s Commemorative Series reissue of Jazz—his rifle and missiles were un-chromed black plastic, and both the missiles and launcher were elongated to standard safety-regulation length.
Ricochet was initially listed as "Sunstreaker” in Canadian and Australian Toys"R"Us computers, leading to some confusion among fans. What’s worse, the public Canadian Toys"R"Us website even illustrated their listing with a non-official photo of the Generation 1 Sunstreaker toy lifted straight off a fan’s website, complete with watermark!
Amusingly enough, after years of demand by the fandom, Ricochet didn’t sell particularly well at all. He was eventually sent to the "closeout” chain Tuesday Morning, where he could be purchased for $8 (original TRU price: $35). Japan saw similar clearance sales on its version.
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