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Terrorsaur (Golden Disk Collection, 2022)
Chapter 4: The Terrorfying [sic] Conclusion
Accessories: Golden Disk, blaster, arm blades

The final release in the Golden Disk Collection, War for Cybertron: Kingdom Terrorsaur is a retool of Airazor from the same line, transforming into a Pteranodon in 22 steps. He retains the forearms, hands, lower legs, and various structural parts from Airazor. His beast mode is more posable than it has ever been, with multiple joints in his wings, legs, and head, including an opening beak. He includes a blaster, arm blades to attach to his forearms for show-accuracy, and the Golden Disk. The product description claims it is the Voyager Golden Disk[2], though the actual toy comes with the Vok disk, redecoed from Kingdom Autobot Ark. As such, it is a strange amalgamation of both, with The Sounds of Earth on one half and the Vok Disk on the other. His blaster can store on his thighs or under his wings in both modes.
Many copies of Terrorsaur shipped with misassembled wings; the friction joints that attach the wings to the body are reversed in package. Luckily, these joints are held by friction and can be carefully removed and put back in the proper position. Caution is also advised when discarding the packaging, as his arm blade accessories are taped to the back-side of the cardboard insert, wrapped up in tissue paper, meaning they can easily be missed if one doesn’t know where to look for them.
A few very minor issues may be present in certain copies of this mold, including its redecos. First, the swivel that attaches the outer edges of the wings sometimes has the tabs smoothed, possibly because the plastic hadn’t fully cured before they were assembled, meaning they’re only held on loosely and easily pop off. Second, the ankle ball joints can be fairly loose, making it hard for him to stand on his own. Lastly, the hinge in the middle of the shin can also be somewhat weak, again making it hard for him to stand unaided. All three issues can be fairly easily easily remedied, either by strengthening the affected joints with glue or nail polish, or in the case of the wings carefully pushing the clips on the swivel joint back up with a tool.
Terrorsaur was revealed and made available for pre-order on September 30, 2021, and was the last of the four daily announcements concerning the Golden Disk Collection; as with the other sets in this series, Terrorsaur’s packaging is printed with a portion of a Golden Disk graphic, and customers are encouraged to collect all four packs to unite the full image. The figure is an Amazon and Hasbro Pulse exclusive in the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom.
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