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Ratchet (Robot Mode)
Autobot Ratchet (Deluxe, 2012)
Series / Number: 1 / 006
Japanese release date: 2012-03-31
Japanese number: AM-04
Accessories: Dual Battle Blades (Hasbro only), "R.A.” Arms Micron (TakaraTomy only)

Part of the second wave of Prime: Robots in Disguise Deluxe Class toys, this larger-scale version of Ratchet has a "dramatic head reveal” gimmick, with his robot mode head being spring-loaded to pop up once his "backpack” is pulled down. He features 5mm peg-holes for his hands, a pair on his front bumpers/shins, and a pair on his vehicle roof.

He comes with a pair of battle blades that can mount/be held via 5mm post, and his hands can be swung down at the wrist to give the appearance of the blades sprouting out of his wrists, as seen in the cartoon. The blades can mount into the peg-holes on his front bumper, creating a battle mode, and the blades can store on tabs underneath his vehicle. One must be wary of his knee joints, however, as they’re made of a soft rubber and have the potential of snapping off.
His instructions depict an alternate head apparently intended for an as-yet-unreleased Gears. The sculpt was used as the basis for Prime Swerve.
The Japanese release of Ratchet, part of the very first assortment of TakaraTomy Prime toys, omits an incredible number of paint operations, replacing them with customer-applied foil stickers. (On the other hand, this does give him his "lifeline” decoration missing from the Hasbro version.) As part of the "Arms Micron” gimmick, six 5mm peg-hole attachment points have been glued onto him (as opposed to having existing parts specifically retooled to include them like many other toys in the line) on his vehicle mode roof, doors, and side-panels, which respectively end up on his legs, forearms, and shoulders. The Hasbro version’s twin blades have been replaced by the Arms Micron, R.A., who transforms into a considerably larger version of one of the blades, and can still work as a "wrist-mounted” weapon.
Ratchet was redecoed into Transformers (2014) Protectobot First Aid and retooled into BotCon 2014 Cannonball, and he would’ve been made into Gears with a new head.
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