Star Wars Battle Packs Clone Troopers & Droids  action figure collectible [Barcode 653569507222] - Main Image 1
Star Wars Battle Packs Clone Troopers & Droids
Clone troopers apply all their military training, warrior skills and weaponry to battle the endless army of clankers during the Clone Wars. The technical name for Retail Droids is LF-57 combat droids, used by the Separatists, they check for enemy activity — sounds/movement. Super Battle Droid: These heavy infantry droids are powerfully built, heavily armed and very strong. Start the showdown between your articulated Clone Trooper figures and the Retail Droid with their blaster accessories. Figures and accessories come with 4 Galactic Battle Game cards, 4 battle bases and 1 game die
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2023-06-07 09:53:50
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