35 Jetfire  - Takara Tomy (Studio Series) action figure collectible [Barcode 630509796953] - Main Image 1
35 Jetfire  - Takara Tomy (Studio Series) action figure collectible [Barcode 630509796953] - Main Image 2
35 Jetfire  - Takara Tomy (Studio Series) action figure collectible [Barcode 630509796953] - Main Image 3
35 Jetfire  - Takara Tomy (Studio Series) action figure collectible [Barcode 630509796953] - Main Image 4
35 Jetfire
Jetfire (Leader Class, 2019)

Movie: Revenge of the Fallen

Hasbro ID number: 35

TakaraTomy ID number: SS-26

TakaraTomy release date: March 23, 2019

Accessories: Cane, battle axe, Optimus abdominal replacement piece, 2 cannon barrel halves, "Pyramid Desert Battle” backdrop (1st version)

Released to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Revenge of the Fallen, Studio Series Jetfire is a Leader-sized mold accurate to his appearance in Revenge of the Fallen, transforming from robot to SR-71 Blackbird. He comes with his cane and battle axe, along a cardboard backdrop display depicting Operation: Firestorm.
He can combine with the second Studio Series Optimus Prime figure to form "Jetwing Optimus Prime”... although that Optimus figure is based on the character’s appearance in the original Transformers film. What’s more, Jetfire comes with a duplicate abdominal piece for that same Optimus figure, with a metallic red deco. Presumably, it’s meant to be swapped onto Optimus’ Dark of the Moon-based Leader Class figure, allowing him to combine, but it’s color-matched to Optimus’ first release, an actually Revenge of the Fallen-based figure that... lacks the necessary tooling to combine with Jetfire. D’oh!
Unlike the original Leader-class toy, Jetfire splits into separate components (like in the movie). Five of these components form the boots, shoulder pads, and wings for Jetwing Optimus Prime, while Jetfire’s upper body forms a big freakin’ gun! Two silver pieces used to form the barrel of the cannon are stored on the underside of the wings and plug into the slots where the cockpit/nose of the jet are disconnected from. However, it should be noted that since this gun is roughly a third of Jetfire’s mass, it is too heavy for Prime to lift up unassisted. While the Hasbro release’s instructions do not tell you how to form the gun, the TakaraTomy release does mention it. The latter’s instructions also mention one other undocumented feature: the abdominal replacement piece can be stored in a cavity right behind Jetfire’s chest. Specifically, it is located in a bay where the black strut connecting the upper and lower bodies folds into for robot mode. It should also be noted that the small gunmetal flip-out "horns” on Prime’s grill are used to fasten the jet engines to his back securely; this is pointed out but somewhat unclear in the instructions of both versions. Care must be taken when combining him with Optimus, as it can place much stress on the hinges that Prime’s grills are connected to.
Jetfire’s box is noticably thicker than that of other Studio leaders. The CG renders on the sides of the packaging still use the concept art version of the character, while the one used on the front has a new render with the correct design.
Parts of Jetfire’s fuselage were reused on Collaborative Ultimate X-Spanse.
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