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The Veggie Villain (Or He Had A Steak In It)
Loaded with pun after pun, you’ll be laughing ’til the cows come home in this hysterical “mellerdrammer”! When the Texas Rangers start to clamp down on cattle rustlers, arch villain Artie Choke and his partner Barry Smelly decide they’ll rustle cattle the honest way — by inheriting the largest herd. Of course this means Artie must woo and wed the owner of the herd, vegetarian Mary Nated, and then dispose of her. Unfortunately for him, Texas Ranger Chuck Roast has caught Mary’s eye instead. Undaunted, the enterprising villain opens a vegetarian restaurant in Tee Bone, Texas, hoping to court Mary’s favors. With the help of his villainous girlfriend, Lily Livered, they send Chuck Roast off to Alaska on a wild goose chase, leaving Mary forlorn and confused. Alas, she still refuses Artie’s advances, so he kidnaps Mary’s Aunt Ida and threatens to send her entire herd over a cliff! Now Mary is forced to wed Artie within three days if she wants to save her family and bovine friends! Luckily, three days is just enough time to get word to Chuck so he can return in preacher’s garb to save the day, thanks to some extra help from Mary’s two favorite cows! Your audiences will find this play “udderly”
Craig Sodaro
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2022-10-30 18:14:40
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Pioneer Play Services
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