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Doggone! Domino Game  board game collectible [Barcode 643356042166] - Main Image 2
Doggone! Domino Game
Pair up domino dogs to fetch a win in this fun and furry game where everyone can sit, stay, and play and no one gets left in the doghouse!

A matching game that offers three versions of doggone fun. Dominos have a single dog picture on one side and bones arranged as regular domino dots on the other side.
BASIC- Place the game board on the table. Each player takes 9 dominoes. Take turns matching a dog domino to a dog on the game board or to another domino that has already been played. A dog house is a wild card and can be matched with any dog. If a player cannot make a match, his turn is over. The game ends when someone plays all his dominoes.
CHALLENGE GAME - Turn all dominoes dog side down on the table. Each person picks up three and holds them in his hand, like cards. Place the remaining cards in a pile, dog side down, and place the game board on the table. Players play one domino and pick one on each turn. If a doghouse is played, that player gets to play again and only picks 1 card at the end. The player to play all the cards in his hand first, wins.
SUPER WOOF CHALLENGE GAME - Flip the dominos to the bone side and play a regular game of dominoes.
When dogs are being matched, each dog will be matched in a mirror image (see example above).

Game board (octagonal cardboard 12.6 cm across).
36 double-sided cardboard dominos (56x81mm).
Instruction sheet for 3 game versions.
Max Grover
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