Fossilis  (2-5) board game collectible [Barcode 782150647310] - Main Image 1
Fossilis  (2-5) board game collectible [Barcode 782150647310] - Main Image 2
Fossilis  (2-5) board game collectible [Barcode 782150647310] - Main Image 3
Fossilis  (2-5) board game collectible [Barcode 782150647310] - Main Image 4
In Fossilis, 2 to 5 players become paleontologists working the dig site with shovels, whisk brooms, and chisels looking for a find that could make their career. Each round, players get two actions to dig at the site or make an extraction. As they remove the top layers of sand, clay, and stone, they’ll discover trace fossils, which can be exchanged for tools, the plaster necessary to extract bones, and discovery points. As they delve deeper, precious bones will be exposed. They can make a careful extraction if they have the right amount of plaster, but sometimes shifting the earth to cover up a find and slow down the competition is the right move. Fossilis features a unique 3D dig site board, with recessed pockets filled with dinosaur bones, and thick, chunky terrain tiles that cover the dig site. Players have to use strategy, timing, and a little bit of luck if they want to make the best discoveries, get their name in all the paleontology journals, and of course, win the game.

1 Score Board / Site Map (double sided; 19x25.5)
1 Blocker Panel (double-sided, with player aid; 17.5x3.5cm)
5 Player Mats (18x7cm; in player colors - light blue, golden yellow, purple, dark gray)
1 Start Player marker
18 Skill tokens

55 regular cards (62x87mm):
21 Tool cards (blue backs)
24 Supplies cards (green backs)
10 Event cards (maroon backs)

33 Dinosaur cards (79x119mm)

5 Paleontologist meeples (1x each player color)
5 Score markers (disks, in player colors)
40 Plaster cubes (10mm white cubes)

1 Dig Site Board (light brown; 20x20x3.5cm)
1 Site Lid (19.5x19.5x1.5cm; dark gray)
1 Tweezers (white)
9 Rock Hammers (white)
45 Bones (3x Skulls, 6x Hips, 9x Ribs, 12x Limbs, 15x Teeth/Claws)
38 Terrain Tiles (21 beige Sand, 9 brown Clay, 8 gray Stone; 30x30x8mm)

Rulebook (12 p.).
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David Diaz
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