Evolution: Random Mutations  (2 to 4) board game collectible [Barcode 4620758131656] - Main Image 1
Evolution: Random Mutations  (2 to 4) board game collectible [Barcode 4620758131656] - Main Image 2
Evolution: Random Mutations
Evolution: Random mutations
Standalone game
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“Evolution” board games are interesting illustrations of the principle of ”survival of the fittest”. In Evolution: Random Mutations you need to create a large and well-developed population of species. To reach this, the players endow their creatures with useful traits that help them fight for food and a place under the sun. After all, in nature all evolutionary changes occur randomly, and not according to someone’s reasonable wish, as in the board game. In addition, certain sets of traits do not belong to individual animals, but entire species. So Dmitry Knorre, PhD in biology and the author of original Evolution : The Origin of Species game, after two years of research and testing created this new, more scientifically rigorous version of the game. The new set is has been called Evolution: Random Mutations.

Evolution: Random Mutations is not a replacement for the original ”Evolution” or an extension to it, this is a standalone board game. It has inherited many elements from its predecessor, so for those who familiar with the usual ”Evolution”, it will be easy to understand the rules of the ”Random Mutations”. Moreover, many of the traits from the first game and its expansions can be used in the new product — you can find a list of such cards at the end of the rules.

Random Mutations has the same aim as the Evolution: The Origin of Species but the way of reaching it differs. Firstly, players develop whole species, not separated creatures. Secondly, as it can be seen in the name of the game, the process of getting new traits for the species is random. Not all traits are now useful. Your species can receive a negative mutation and die after few turns. So the scientific authenticity has increased: players don’t point the evolution by their own way and only decide which species are doomed to extinct and which are worthy of further development. Now the main goal of the player is to evaluate which species are more adapted to the environment and have more chances of survival.

90 Trait cards (62x87mm): 12x Carnivorous (red), 12x Swimming (blue), 8x High Body Weight and Metabolic Syndrome, 6x Obligate Carnivorous (red), 4x all the rest- Bark Beetle, Budding, Burrowing, Development Defects, Extremophile, Grazing, Mimicry, Poisonous, Running, Scavenger (pink), Simplification.
54 Tokens (plastic disks 11mm dia. x 1mm thick): 22 red Food, 16 blue Extra Food, 10 black Parasites, 6 green Shelter).
5 dice (1 black, 1 green, 3 red six-sided plastic).
Rule book.
Number of Players:
2 to 4
Card Game
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Dmitry Knorre
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2018-06-21 11:57:02
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