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Skora is a fast-paced game of fishing and feuding from Inside the Box’s Lunchbox collection. Taking the roles of rival Viking clans competing for control over the fishing grounds of Norsica, you must outmuscle your rivals to land the biggest fish, and tactically position your fishing boats to grab the most lucrative haul. Play Catch cards from your hand to one of the three fishing areas, then place your wooden boats to stake your claim. Vie for control of the best fishing spot, collect the highest-scoring combination of fish and fulfill your unique, secret Decree for an end-game bonus. Lunchbox Series games bring together replayable gameplay, whimsical themes and easy to pick up rules to provide an engaging and enjoyable gaming experience to anyone, however much time you’ve got to spare. All play in under 45 minutes, with straightforward rules and covering a variety of styles while still retaining the core design quality of any of our titles, making them perfect for casual players as much as hobbyists. 2-4 players from age 10+, takes approximately 30 minutes to play
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