Bunco  (2-12) board game collectible [Barcode 899600003128] - Main Image 1
FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: A game that everyone can play and never gets old. With this simple and easy to understand game, it brings everyone together for a night full of enjoyment. PERFECT PRESENT: Great for the office secret Santa, stocking stuffer or birthday present, you’ll have them thanking you as it quickly gets everyone together for a night of fun. ANY OCCASION: Whether it’s for a family reunion or game night Box of Bunco and Banana Blitz make any occasion a party! These famous social dice games bring all your friends together for an entertaining time. GO BANANAS: Banana Blitz is the fast paced game where players must roll, write, and grab the banana as quickly as they can. It’s a banana grabbing game that’s a bunch of fun for everyone. GAMEPLAY: Write the challenge card’s sequence as fast as you can until the dice roller rolls a banana. The roller becomes the writer until the banana is rolled again. Finish the sequence first to win
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2023-01-06 20:50:05
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