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Set Dice  (1-6) board game collectible [Barcode 736396084002] - Main Image 3
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Set Dice
Set Dice has three dice games in one box, and in all three games, the more sets you make, the higher your score. What’s a set, you ask? To make a set, you need three dice on which the shape of the symbols on them are all the same or all different, on which the number of symbols are all the same or all different, and on which the color of the symbols are all the same or all different. The three games in this collection are:

Set Cubed: Players score points Scrabble-style by creating sets with their dice and with dice already on the game board.
Scramble Set: Drop all 42 dice from the bag onto the table, then start calling out sets as soon as you see them. When no more sets remain, tally the number of sets for each player, then start another round. Whoever has the high score after five rounds wins.
Crossword Set: Each player takes ten dice, then rolls them at the same time to start play, with players trying to combine their dice into a crossword-style grid made of sets. Whoever uses all of her dice first wins.

At the core of the game is the concept of the “set”. Sets are comprised of 3 dice that share the same features or none of the same features. Confused? Don’t be. I’ll walk you through it.

All a player needs to do is answer “Yes” to the following three questions.

Are the 3 dice comprised of the same color or do all the dice have different colors?
Are the 3 dice comprised of the same symbols or do all the dice have different symbols?
Are the 3 dice comprised of the same number of symbols or do all the dice have a different number of symbols?
If you can match the 3 rules above, you have a set. The one exception to the above rules are the “Wild” dice values which can represent any symbol, any color, and any number.

Set Cubed:
This game is for 2 to 4 players and uses the game board. All the dice are placed in the cloth bag and then players grab 5 dice each. All dice are rolled and players simultaneously attempt to identify a set using their own dice. The first player to see a set and announces it gets to place their 3 dice in the middle of the game board.

Each player, in turn order sequence, then can attempt to place up to 3 dice on the game board, creating sets by using previously placed dice. Each set created is worth 3 points. Some spaces have bonus point values. If a player place their dice on these spaces, that earn the indicated number of bonus points.

If a player is unable to create a set, their turn is skipped. A single round of game play is completed when everyone has had a chance to place dice to the game board. At the end of the round, each player grabs enough dice to bring them back to 5 dice to roll. Play continues until 1 player has run out of dice and cannot draw additional dice from the cloth bag. The round is then completed and the player with the most points wins the game.

Scramble SET
To begin, take all the dice in the bag and roll them to the middle of the playing area, rerolling any dice that are stacked on each other. On the word “GO!”, all players scan the dice to complete a set, calling them out when they see them. When the set is called, the player can take the dice and place them in front of their playing area. Other players can check the set if required.

There are no turns in this game (all players look for sets simultaneously) and game play continues until all the dice are taken or all players agree that no additional sets can be made using the dice that remain.

Players now take the dice they captured and attempt to make as many sets as possible. No die may be used in more than 1 set and any “wild” dice can represent any die with any feature. The sets are counted for each player and recorded. A new round now begins by taking all the dice, putting them in the bag, and repeating the same steps to find as many sets as possible.

After 5 rounds, the players tally up their scores. The player with the highest score wins the game

Crossword SET
This game challenges players to take 10 dice and arrange them in front of their playing area so sets are created using rows and columns like a traditional crossword. All 10 dice must be used and a single die can be part of 1 or more horizontal and vertical sets.

If the player is unable to use all 10 dice, they take 1 additional die, roll it, and attempt to use it to complete their task. Additional die must be taken and used from the bag if the player is unable to use the dice, increasing the total number of dice that must be used in the crossword.

“Wild” dice can only be assigned 1 specific feature in a set.

Players can never reroll their dice, but they arrange them as many times as they like. There are no movement limitations or restrictions.

The winner of the game is the first player to use all their dice to create multiple sets using the crossword structure.


42 Dice
Game board
Dice bag (black)

Not included with the game, but necessary to play, is a pen or pencil and a piece of paper to keep track of scores.
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