Hex Casters  (3 to 6) board game collectible [Barcode 630509505753] - Main Image 1
Hex Casters  (3 to 6) board game collectible [Barcode 630509505753] - Main Image 2
Hex Casters
The party game of hilarious spells. Hasbro teamed up with Indiegogo to invite designers and inventors to come up with new game ideas, and the Hex Casters game was chosen as a finalist from over 500 different entries.

Beware the Hexes! The Hex cards make players do strange things or play cards in a certain way -- a player might have to sing when they speak, knock 3 times before playing a card, or sneeze when someone passes a Hex. Luckily, Defense cards help protect against the Hex cards. But there’s a catch: No Hexes means no new Defense cards. The player with the fewest Hexes at the end of the game wins. (Don’t worry, no cards will actually Hex you.)

Hex Casters will make you do crazy things...
... like sing when you speak, knock three times before playing a card, or sneeze when some one passes you a Hex! Use Defense cards to save yourself and pass Hexes to your friends.

Hex Casters is a simple party game where players try to avoid getting hexes, which require them to do different things during the game. On your turn you draw a hex, and give it to a player of your choice. That player can use defense cards to try to pass it to someone else, who can also use defense cards. The player who can’t defend or chooses not to takes the hex.
At the end of the round, you may draw one defense card for each hex you have. Game ends when one player gains a predetermined number of hexes.

100 Cards (64x87mm, linen finish): 60x Defense Cards, 40x Hex Cards.
Turn Token (cardboard, 49mm dia.).
Rule sheet (English).
Number of Players:
3 to 6
Card Game
Party Game
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Card Game
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2018-06-21 11:57:13