Steve Jackson Games Chez Cthulhu 2nd Edition  board game collectible [Barcode 080742095885] - Main Image 1
Steve Jackson Games Chez Cthulhu 2nd Edition
Chez Cthulhu combines the classic Chez Geek system with everyone’s favorite Elder God . . . and adds a new Madness mechanic. This set includes 110 cards and two blanks, a die, and counters for both Slack and Madness. Warning: Mixing Chez Cthulhu with Chez Geek can lead to bouts of giggling and excessive silliness. The game itself will play just fine, as long as your brain doesn’t break when you use ”cigarette” and ”tentacle” interchangeably. Boxed, with 112 cards, die-cut tokens for Slack and Madness, a six-sided die, and a rulesheet.
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2023-06-10 13:31:04
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