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Zombicide Gear Up
THRILLING ZOMBIE GAME: Word is out that there’s an Abomination controlling hordes of walking undead in the city. The Survivors know that their lives depend on taking it out. But in order to do that, they’ll have to clear out the regular undead standing in their way. It’s time to gear up and get out on the streets! FLIP-AND-WRITE STRATEGY GAME: Zombicide Gear Up puts players in the role of Survivors during a zombie apocalypse. Using different weapon cards, they’ll try and fill up the grids of squares on the enemy Zombies that continually advance towards them. If they last long enough, the Abomination will appear. If they can take it out, the Survivors win and can live another day without becoming entrees. COOPERATIVE ROLEPLAYING GAME: The Survivors are an elite of combatants that have taken to the streets overrun with the undead. There, they must fend off the hordes of Zombies that spawn and move toward them until the Boss appears. This is when the Survivors must achieve their final goal: Kill the Boss and end this zombie invasion! HIGHLY VARIABLE: Players can pick different from 4 difficulty levels, going from Easy to Nightmare, depending on how tough they think they are. Different Zombies pose different challenges. Players will have to alter their strategy to get the results they want: dead zombies. NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME: This action-packed role-playing game is designed for 1 to 6 players and is suitable for ages 14 and older. Average playtime is approximately 30 minutes.
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