Blueprints  (2-4) board game collectible [Barcode 681706712901] - Main Image 1
Blueprints  (2-4) board game collectible [Barcode 681706712901] - Main Image 2
Blueprints  (2-4) board game collectible [Barcode 681706712901] - Main Image 3
Blueprints  (2-4) board game collectible [Barcode 681706712901] - Main Image 4

Creative architects use not only stone and glass, but also wood and recycling elements. And if the crack drawings are also simple blueprints, even a few cubes that cleverly stacked meet all the requirements are sufficient...

Admittedly, the card specifications are really simple: they only show how six dice are to be arranged, nothing more. However, the ratings are interesting, because the different materials are billed very differently: The orange wood provides as many points as it borders on neighboring cubes. Green recycled materials, on the other hand, are all the more valuable the more they have been installed. Black stone increases in value with increasing height and in glass simply the number of eyes counts.

A cube is removed from the display and installed until each has built a "building” of six cubes. The building rule is: Stacked cubes on top of each other must not decrease in value. If these are arranged at the end according to the drawing, there is a bonus. Further points can be collected for high-rise buildings (min. height 5), structural integrity (4+ cubes with equal number of eyes), geometry (all 6 numbers present) and material (5+ cubes of the same color). Two of the four cube types are also defined as "desired material” at the beginning of a game and are now used to dissolve tie-ups.

There is an astonishing amount of "game” in the compact, well-filled box, which is why the first international edition of Blueprints was already quickly out of print when it was released in 2013. The German edition is in no way behind it, although the construction drawings are anyway language-independent. It should be clear that with so little space in the box there is no longer a large room for thematic adjustments. Blueprints is therefore architecturally cold and sober. A set of cubes.

However, the values of the cubes differ considerably. Green stones are only worthwhile if at least five of them can be collected, black only in exceptional cases at the top (if at the same time on div. Bonuses are waived) and 5 or 6 glasses are always worthwhile. This significantly limits the scope for decision-making. The planability goes further into the basement, where the rule adjustments for 2 players with their partly destructive character give the game its own moves.

Hectic on the drawing board? Not at Blueprints, the cozy dice-stacking game. As a warmer, bagner or gap filler, the design talent can convince, a price-performance tip is guaranteed.
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Yves Tourigny
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Chris Quilliams
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2018-06-21 11:57:27
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