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Northanger Abbey
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Wordsworth Classics
Third Person
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The plot of «Northanger Abbey» involves the young Catherine Morland, who is taken to fashionable Bath by her neighbours, Mr and Mrs Allen, to ‘come out’ in society. There she meets Henry Tilney, a young clergyman and his sister. These two are the children of the eccentric General Tilney, who when he meets Catherine believes her to be better endowed materially than she is. He arranges for her to visit his house in Gloucestershire, Northanger Abbey, with a view to enticing her into marriage with Henry, little realising that they have already formed a deep affection for each other. Catherine is a delightful girl, whose main failing is that her romantic nature has been enflamed by the reading of too many books of the «Udolfo» school. At Northanger Abbey she discovers that the General’s wife has been dead for some years, and becomes convinced that the General must have murdered her. When the General is falsely informed that Catherine is a pauper, he dismisses her from the Abbey, thereby compounding his supposed villainy. Eventually the misunderstanding is cleared up, adversity is conquered, and Catherine and Henry marry.

Catherine Morland, the daughter of a country parson, is the innocent abroad who gains worldly wisdom: first in the fashionable society of Bath and then at Northanger Abbey itself, where she learns not to interpret the world through her reading of gothic thrillers.
Paperback Library Gothic
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