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The Whole Truth
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Baldacci masterfully plays on the American paranoia in the wake of the War on Terror in this bizarre international thriller. “Remember Constantin” is the battle cry du jour across America after a frightening piece of video makes the rounds on the Internet. In it, Constantin, a young Russian, claims that the release of the video means he has been executed by the Russian Federation. The fear of a return to the cold war is so palpable that nations across the globe are preparing for the worst. But is it a hoax? Nicolas Creel, the Machiavellian head of the largest defense contractor in the U.S., and his buddy Dick Pender, the image-maker (think evil, cartoonish versions of Cheney and Rove, respectively), are hell bent on keeping the terror levels high so that they become the ultimate go-to guys. But Shaw—that’s it, our hero’s name’s just Shaw—has other plans and risks his life and limb in order to keep the peace. Shaw answers to a secret global intelligence agency, and though he’s not too keen on their tactics, either, he’s determined to stay with the good guys, however negligible the distinction may be. Meanwhile journalist Katie James is after the “whole truth” behind this twisted version of king of the hill. Baldacci’s ability to make international intrigue light and readable is uncanny. It hovers on the verge of superhero nonsense, but the dialogue snaps forth on cue, the plot never slows, and the ending packs a genuine punch. Read-alikes? Tom Clancy, of course.
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