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The Fourth Perimeter
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Wherever the president of the United States goes, four perimeters of protection surround him. The fourth and final is a nearly impenetrable ring of agents, the commander in chief’s literal bodyguards. Now Tim Green, author of THE LETTER OF THE LAW, delivers another page-turner of a thriller, the story of a man—motivated by revenge—seeking to break through…

Kurt Ford is a former Secret Service agent who has since become one of the most successful high-tech entrepreneurs in America. A widower with one child, he considers his proudest achievement to be his son, Collin, a young Secret Service agent assigned to guard the U.S. president. Then, on a foggy night in Georgetown, Collin makes a fatal mistake. When his body is found in his apartment, the police rule the death a suicide.

Devastated, Ford knows his son would never take his own life and starts asking questions. When he discovers that several other young agents have also died and that they all had witnessed a strange, secret meeting involving the president at a remote Maryland farmhouse, Ford becomes obsessed with finding the truth. When the police refuse to investigate, he begins to pull strings and gather clues. To Ford, the evidence is as astounding as it is undeniable. The person behind the murder of his son is none other than the president of the United States.

Although Kurt Ford is a man at the pinnacle of power and on the verge of a new marriage, he’s about to risk it all on an impossible mission: to assassinate a president who has spun out of control. Armed with a firsthand knowledge of how the Secret Service operates, Ford prepares to slip through the three outside circles of security, break through the fourth perimeter, and get out alive. But when he sets his plan in motion, he will find out how much he really has to lose—and what dark forces are waiting for him to make his next move.
Tim Green
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