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Second Chance
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First Person
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’The wine has been drunk, the pasta demolished, three quarters of the tiramisu polished off...’ A group of friends sits around a half-cleared dinner table. Now in their late thirties, most haven’t seen one another for years. Paul, a handsome freelance journalist, is happily married to a gorgeous fashion entrepreneur, but they’re struggling - unsuccessfully so far - to have children. Saffron lives in Los Angeles; she’s had many roles but is hoping for that one big break as she navigates a secret love affair with one of the most famous men in the world. Olivia, always the wallflower of the group, runs an animal shelter in London and finds herself single after her longtime lover walks out. And the hostess, Holly, is married to the perfect man, has two perfect children, and lives in the perfect house...or does she? When their friend Tom is killed in a terrorist attack, the group gathers to mourn, and as they do they rediscover the power of friendship, the politics of change, and the true meaning of a mid life crisis. How long can Paul and Anna continue, emotionally and financially, the IVF treatments? Will Saffron’s true love leave his wife for her? Will Olivia’s blind date lead to anything? Can Holly make her marriage work - or has someone come back into her life who will change everything? Page-turning, mesmerising, and deliciously appealing, Second Chance will strike a chord with anyone who is still trying to figure life out.
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