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The Sign
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In Antarctica, a scientific expedition drops anchor to witness the cataclysmic breakup of an ice shelf. As investigative reporter Gracie Logan begins her live news feed, a massive, shimmering ball of light suddenly appears in the sky, shapeshifting and enveloping the ship before disappearing as mysteriously as it arrived, the entire event witnessed by a shocked world audience. On a mountaintop in Egypt, a solitary priest contemplates the magnificence of God’s creation spead out before him. His presence in this holy place is a mystery even to him; he is certain only of the elusive power of the calling he feels and the compulsive need to record in writing - and to draw- the vision which repeatedly consumes him.
And in Boston, reformed car thief Matt Sherwood finds out that his brother’s death may not be all it seemed - and that it may be related to the stunning controversy that’s spinning out if control and threatening to erup into violence and chaos.
The entire world holds its breath as Gracie and Matt chase down the story of a lifetime: has God finally decided to reveal his presence? Or is something more sinister at hand?
Raymond Khoury
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