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Dirk Pitt 08
Third Person
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It begins when a noted financial publisher and adventurer, Raymond LeBaron, sets off in an antique blimp in search of the Cyclops, a U.S. Navy collier which vanished in mysterious circumstances in 1918 near Cuban waters - and which may have had on board a fabulous treasure ...

LeBaron and his crew also vanish, in circumstances that are at once puzzling and alarming and which lead a reluctant Dirk Pitt into one of the most extraordinary adventures of this career - and adventure that leads him step by step, in constant danger, to the discovery of a secret base on the moon, a Soviet plot against Castro that endangers the peace of the world, and the unveiling of the treasure itself... The bizarre chain of events that begins with LeBaron’s disappearance explodes into a battle between the Soviet Union and the United States for possession of the moon and ends with a blazing, cliff-hanging race against time to prevent an awesome tragedy. It almost defeats Dirk Pitt and takes him from the inner councils of the White House to a confrontation with Fidel Castro himself...
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