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Science Fiction
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First Person
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In the stillness of a golden September afternoon, deep in the wilderness of the Rockies, a solitary craftsman, Grady Adams and his magnificent Irish wolfhound Merlin step from shadow into light and into an encounter with enchantment. That night, through the trees, under the moon, a pair of singular animals will watch Grady’s isolated home, waiting to make their approach.
A few miles away, Camillia Rivers, a local veterinarian, begins to unravel the threads of a puzzle that will bring all the forces of a government in peril to her door.
At a nearby farm, long estranged identical twins come together to begin a descent into darkness.
In Las Vegas, a specialist in chaos theory probes the boundaries of the unknowable.
On a Seattle golf course, two men make matter of fact arrangements for murder.
Along a highway by the sea, a vagrant scarred by the past begins a trek toward his destiny.
Kathryn J Bain
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