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Go Read
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Go Read is the inside story of a book written by the book itself. It is an autobiography in which the book explains to readers that they don’t need batteries or a charging cord to read this book. And that if you sit on the book it won’t crack, but you will magically grow taller. The centerpiece is the introduction of the book’s twenty-six roommates, also known as, The Alphabet. The roommates are presented in a humorous way with funny illustrations and silly situations to showcase each member of the alphabet in a memorable way. In the end, the book reminds readers that books sometimes get lonely sitting unopened in a pile, or on a shelf, and to remember if you want to make yourself, or a book, very happy then, Go Read. Go Read is designed to help kids learn the alphabet in a fun-filled way and to inspire them to read. Research shows that kids who are avid readers tend to get better grades and have a better chance of being happier, healthier and more confident. Written and illustrated by best-selling, award-winning, children’s book author and motivational speaker, Trevor Romain, Go Read is designed to be read to kids in the kindergarten age range.
Trevor Romain
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