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Find Your Happy
This wonderful activity book includes 30+ activities so that kids can color, doodle, and puzzle their way to being happy, calm, and confident. These activities have been devised by childhood development expert Dr. Katharine O’Connell, and are perfect for parents, caregivers, teachers, therapists, and youth leaders who want to help children leave behind their worries. Accompanied by beautiful watercolor illustrations by Mel Howells, these activities include: - Draw where you feel completely happy or safe - Create secret signals and a mantra that calms you down in public - Write something that makes you angry or sad in these storm clouds and blow them away This book offers the chance for all children to explore, express, and explain their emotions in a safe, no-pressure way. The fun activities build resilience, increase inner calm, and encourage positivity. Perfect for children aged 6+. ABOUT THE SERIES: The beautifully illustrated Thoughts and Feelings series allows children to understand and express their emotions through a series of practical activities and write-in exercises, devised by childhood development experts.
Lisa Regan
Katie O’connell
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Thoughts and Feelings
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