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Proof 1995
(Collected in memory of Alexander Scott Thompson’s birth year - 6/17/1995.)

The 1995 Silver Proof Set is considered to be one of the key issues within a complete collection of modern proof sets. With a mintage of only 549,878, the set has not only the lowest mintage for any of the 90% silver sets, but also the lowest mintage for any regular issue set issued since 1954.

The product offering, which had been introduced three years prior, included 90% silver proof versions of the dime, quarter, and half dollar, as well as the cent and nickel struck in standard compositions. After robust sales for the inaugural year, a sharp decline was measured, followed by a slight rebound, and the present mintage low. The year had been marked by an outpouring of commemorative coins, which competed for collector attention and likely impacted sales for the more basic offerings.

In addition to the standard 1995 Silver Proof Set, the US Mint had also offered a “premier” version of the set. This contained the same coins, but the packaging was more advanced and the issue price was higher. At an initial price of $37.50, these sets sold 130,107 units.

After the low mintage for the 1995 Silver Proof Set was recognized, secondary market prices rose. After this occurrence, collectors seemed to pay more attention to the product offering and sales levels for each subsequent release were always higher. Today, both the regular and premier versions of the 1995 Silver Proof Set continue to sell for premiums above the other issues of the series.
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