X-Factor (1986) - Marvel (35 - Dec 1988) comic book collectible [Barcode 071486021452] - Main Image 1
X-Factor (1986)
Iceman and the Beast are busy dealing with the strange goings-ons in Manhattan, but are overwhelmed and know they need the help of Cyclops and Marvel Girl.

Meanwhile, Scott and Jean are at the old orphanage where Cyclops spent much of his youth, following up on a lead that Destiny gave Cyclops as to the whereabouts of his missing son. Cyclops and Jean discuss Scott’s time at the orphanage and he has flashbacks. For some reason he finds that while he remembers some things, they don’t fit in with what actually happened. They soon discover that the kids and staff in the orphanage don’t see them, and make their way deep beneath the orphanage.

At that time, Nanny and the Orphan Maker arrive with the Lost Boys (and girls), on a mission to rescue all the infants in the orphanage. They know the demons are on their way to steal them. Scott and Jean soon find Nathan Christopher, just as the demons arrive and begin searching the orphanage for the infants. Nanny then makes her entrance into the chamber where the infants are. She and Orphan Maker begin fighting Cyclops and Jean Grey while the Lost Boys (and girls) begin stealing all the children. During the mêlée, Jean notices that two of the kids with Nanny have striking red hair and thinks they are her missing sister’s children. When she questions Nanny about them, Nanny assures her that all her children are orphans, meaning Jean’s sister is dead. They move the battle to another floor so that none of the babies get hurt. While they are upstairs, the demons arrive downstairs, stealing all the children that the kids cannot protect. One of the red-haired kids goes to alert Nanny. In the process, Jean rips off her mask, discovering that it is her niece, Gailyn. Jean cannot rescue her, as Nanny quickly evacuates with Orphan Maker and the other kids. At the same time, the demons find Nathan Christopher, and make away with him. Scott and Jean regroup. They decide that Jean’s niece and nephew will be safe with Nanny for now, but that Scott’s son is in grave danger because the demons are going to kill him!
Cover Date:
Dec 1988
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Story Arc:
Go to the Orphan Maker
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2018-07-02 22:01:50
Louise Jones Simonson
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Terry Shoemaker
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Cover Artist:
Walter Simonson
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