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Secret Avengers
On a mission no one can know about and already betrayed by one of their own! Our Secret Avengers strike force finds a link between Roxxons digs on Mars and a mysterious shadow group on Earth. But what evil will they face on the Red Planet itself, and will a hero fall? Its the Avengers as youve never seen them before, by Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato!
Sharon Carter awakens at the Secret Avengers’ roving headquarters and unsuccessfully tries to determine who took the crown of tentacles from her, but she does lock on to the unique energy signature of the artifact and begins to follow the trail.

The rest of the team arrives at the Roxxon mining base on Mars to determine what happened to Nova. Moon Knight finds a cave leading to a petroglyph. Upon seeing the petroglyph, Steve Rogers says he accidentally sent Nova “into a death trap”. The team is then attacked by agents of the Shadow Council, the same group that took the initial artifact from Carter. The Secret Avengers easily dispatch the group, Rogers noting that the attackers appear to be in a trance. The last two attackers are surrounded by the team - one says they “failed the lord of shadows” and rather than face capture, they shoot each other in the head. The team heads outside the base and split up to investigate separate sets of rover tracks – War Machine and Ant-Man follow a set of tracks heading to the mountains, and Black Widow, Valkyrie, and Moon Knight follow tracks to the Martian desert. Rogers and Beast search for Nova.

On the ship of the Shadow Council, Nick Fury is informed that they lost contact with an entire squadron of agents and that energy readings indicate a “third crown” was activated. Fury leaves to see “the board of directors”.

Back on Mars, War Machine and Ant-Man find a base and investigate. Ant-Man flies ahead and finds a cosmic portal and is pulled through it. Rogers and Beast come upon the cavern where Nova was last seen, finding his helmet just prior to a large explosion and the appearance of a large armored being who demands to know the crown’s location. Black Widow, Valkyrie, and Moon Knight find an entranced Nova wearing the Serpent Crown and controlling men who are digging for something beneath the surface of Mars. The issue ends with Nova spotting the three Secret Avengers and heading towards them.
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Modern Age
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2018-07-02 22:18:21
Brubaker, Ed
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Conrado, Vilmar
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Beredo, Rain
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Djurdjevic, Marko
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