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Secret Avengers
A secret foe has been revealed - or has he? Find out everything you need to know about the OTHER Nick Fury as Secret Avengers continues to explore the volatile landscape of Marvels new Heroic Age!
Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter meet with Nick Fury to discuss the appearance of someone with his likeness during the Secret Avengers’ mission on Mars. Nick Fury, incredulous upon seeing a picture of the person in question, knows who it is and begins to tell the story of Max Fury.

Ten years ago, Nick Fury’s brother, Jake, had assumed the guise of the villain Scorpio and was working with the Zodiac organization. Jake had stolen a prototype life model decoy (LMD) that was different from previous models in that the decoy wasn’t a robot, but instead was a synthetic man. Jake had the prototype reprogrammed with the Zodiac Key. The result was a LMD that not only looked like Nick Fury, but had his memories and was able to think independently. After Zodiac fell and Jake killed himself, the LMD was no longer under Jake’s control and it had to realize it was an LMD and not the real Nick Fury. At that point, the LMD began to think for itself, but still act as though it was Nick Fury. SHIELD took in the LMD and began to study it, but it kept escaping and, on its own, foiling terrorist plots from various organizations. The LMD was eventually captured by Fury and Dum Dum Dugan in Paris five years ago, and Fury set to have it decommissioned on the SHIELD helicarrier. Fury finishes his story by telling Rogers that he watched the LMD be cremated, but something must have happened. The story of the LMD’s escape follows (and is unknown to the three on the rooftop).

An unknown figure wearing the uniform of the Shadow Council, removes the rogue LMD and has a Shadow Council mole replace him with a regular LMD. He tells it he wants his help to save the world and to give him a real life, starting by giving him a name – Max Fury. In present day, Max Fury tells this person that he isn’t sure what the Secret Avengers’ primary objectives are. The figure, who is John Steele, ends by saying the Secret Avengers need to be watched and “taken down”, if necessary.
Cover Date:
Nov 2010
Marval Comics
Issue Number:
United States
Cover Price:
Modern Age
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Type of Comic:
Nick Fury
Steve Rogers
Secret Avengers
Agent 13 ( Sharon Carter
John Steele
Sharon Carter
Dum Dum Dugan
Max Fury
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Story Arc:
The Secret Life Of Max Fury
Date Added:
2018-07-02 22:18:22
Ed Brubaker
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Stefano Gaudiano
David Aja
Michael Lark
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Jose Villarrubia
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Cover Artist:
Marko Djurdjevic
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Dave Lanphear
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