Uncanny X-Men (2001) - Marvel (448 - Nov 2004) comic book collectible [Barcode 72527402461212] - Main Image 1
Uncanny X-Men (2001)
Guess who’s back in town?

The X-Men return to Braddock Manor, following their battle with the Fury, and find the building mysteriously intact. Brian Braddock and his wife, Meggan, wait for them at the door. Inside, Brian explains that the manor is magic, and somehow takes care of itself. Despite being happy to see her old friends, Rachel senses something is wrong with the whole scenario. Once outside, she accesses a portion of her power and, in place of the pristine manor, she sees Jamie Braddock again. This time, he is standing amidst the ruins of the building. As quickly as the image hits her, it is gone.

The team heads to London, chauffeured by a woman with green lipstick. They change into evening dress for dinner with the queen but, once inside their car, they are gassed by their chauffeur, Viper. They wake up inside see-through spheres, and with a large hologram of Viper standing beside them. She informs them that they are inside Murderworld and the object of her game is to kill them; especially Sage. They must also find and rescue the queen of England, because, if they don’t, she will die.

Rachel is the first to emerge from her sphere, but she is severely beaten up by Viper. Without their powers, courtesy of some well-placed nanites, Viper has an advantage over the X-Men in that she knows the terrain. In their new environment, Kurt saves Storm from being swept underwater, but knows that, in escaping this trap, there’s bound to be another one waiting for them. Bishop and Sage emerge next to an illusion of the Tower of London. Sage somehow breaks her sphere using her fist, which surprises Bishop. Viper then appears and beats up Bishop before shooting Sage. Only her uniform protects her from certain death. She then holds a gun to Sage’s head and, despite Bishop’s warning that she will be hunted to the ends of the Earth, she pulls the trigger.
Cover Date:
Nov 2004
Issue Number:
United States
Cover Price:
Modern Age
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Type of Comic:
Volume 1
Story Arc:
The New Age
Date Added:
2018-07-02 22:24:43
Chris Claremont
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Oliver Coipel
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Cover Artist:
Greg Land
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