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Iron Man 288
Synopsis for ”Ground Zero”
The government intervenes with Firepower to stop Atom Smasher from destroying a toxic waste dump.

Appearing in ”Soul on Ice”
Featured Characters:

Iron Man (Tony Stark)
Supporting Characters:

Erica Sondheim
Stark Industries
Abe Klein
Nastassia (First appearance)
Reg (First appearance)
Joe Liebowitz
Other Characters:

Ho Yinsen (Only in flashback)
Pepper Hogan (Only in flashback)
Happy Hogan (Only in flashback)
Howard Stark (Only in flashback)
Maria Stark (Only in flashback)
Jim Rhodes (Only in flashback)
Wong-Chu (Only in flashback)
Avengers (Only in flashback)
Captain America (Steve Rogers) (Only in flashback)
Thor (Only in flashback)
Giant-Man (Henry Pym) (Only in flashback)
Wasp (Janet Van Dyne) (Only in flashback)
Hulk (Bruce Banner) (Only in flashback)
Hawkeye (Clint Barton) (Only in flashback)
Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) (Only in flashback)
Victor von Doom (Only in flashback)
Madame Masque (Whitney Frost) (Only in flashback)
Avengers West Coast (Only in flashback)
Wonder Man (Simon Williams) (Only in flashback)
USAgent (John Walker) (Only in flashback)
Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter) (Only in flashback)
Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) (Only in flashback)
MODOK (George Tarleton) (Only in flashback)
Mandarin (Only in flashback)
Black Knight (Nathan Garrett) (Only in flashback)
Crimson Dynamo (Only in flashback)
Masters of Silence (Only in flashback)
Kaze (Daichi Sakamoto) (Only in flashback)
Kaminari (Kiyoshi Kurata) (Only in flashback)
Races and Species:

Asgardians (Only in flashback)
Cyborgs (Only in flashback)

Los Angeles
Stark Enterprises Headquarters

Iron Man Armor Model 1 (Only in flashback)
Iron Man Armor Model 1 (Gold finish) (Only in flashback)
Iron Man Armor Model 2 (Only in flashback)
Iron Man Armor Model 3 (Only in flashback)
Iron Man Armor Model 4 (Only in flashback)
Iron Man Armor Model 8 (Only in flashback)
Iron Man Armor Model 9 (Only in flashback)
Iron Man Armor Model 11 MK I (Only in flashback)
Mandarin’s Rings (Only in flashback)
Captain America’s Shield (Only in flashback)
Mjolnir (Only in flashback)
Doctor Doom’s Armor (Only in flashback)
Black Knight’s Flying Horse (Only in flashback)
Black Knight’s Power Lance (Only in flashback)

Synopsis for ”Soul on Ice”
A techno-organic parasite, infected tony, Starks nervous system and completely destroyed it and caused his death. At Stark Enterprises, while Tony Stark is at 40° kelvin, they are working on a artificially engineered, viral transcription agent that will be injected like a virus and injected and restore a fully functional artificial nervous system. The only drawback is, there’s no memories so everything has to be reprogrammed, and a chip is inserted near the medulla. There are flashbacks and memories that occur while Tony Stark is at the cryogenic state, But somehow or another, he has consciousness, and actually takes control of the reboot computer that’s programming his mind, and he sends a terminal greeting to his staff, saying he was always one who liked to take control. He states that “ I always did like the idea of being a self-made man”

This issue was sold with a ”foil” cover with reflective metallic type and insets.
Story II is primarily a flashback tale with Tony Stark reprocessing a lot of his memories.
Hawkeye and the Black Widow are depicted in their early costumes, such as the ones pictured in this adventure: Tales of Suspense #64.
Cover Date:
Jan 1993
Marvel Comics
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United States
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