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Ultimate Nightmare
It’s super soldier vs. super soldier, as Captain America is locked in a duel with his complete opposite.Although the fight continues, the rest of the Ultimates go further into the underground tunnel.At the end they find a robotic humanoid hanging from the top of an observation platform. The machine reapeted that "It was coming” and that there was no escape. Eventualy, the X-men make their appearence on the scene and Nick Furies reaction isn’t soo pleasant. Nick and the rest of the ultimates fire at the ambushed X-men as if it were war.Meanwhile, the fight continues as Captain America continues to fight his evil counter partner.It would seem that they were too equaly matched for anyone to win, but Cap managed to grab a good chunk of wood and drive it right into his opponent. Still fighting the X-men, Wolverine is brought down to his knees by Steve and the X-men are arrested by the Ultiates. After defeat, Falcon starts to question the unknown robot about the strange broadcasts that were beign produced. The android replies that he was coming to warn this planet about the destroyer know as "Gah Lak Tus”.As he spoke, a flash o light arose from the darkness and the X-men disapeared without a moments notice. Afterwards, the android was taken into custody by S.H.I.E.L.D., but as the day seemed done Earth had become a target for an unkown doom.
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Modern Age
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Happy Ever After
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