Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 1 - DC (969 - Jan 2018) comic book collectible [Barcode 76194134373096921] - Main Image 1
Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 1 - DC (969 - Jan 2018) comic book collectible [Barcode 76194134373096921] - Main Image 2
Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 1
Synopsis for ”Fall of the Batmen, Part 1”

On the news, the new mayor of Gotham City, Michael Akins, is asked what he thinks about the increase in number of members of the Bat-family, resulting in a sort of secret organized army. He answers that he knows how invaluable Batman’s help has been over the years, but adds that Gotham doesn’t need a second police force, as it already has one.

At Arkham Asylum, in the Low Security Visitor’s Lounge, Stephanie Brown a.k.a. Spoiler is talking to Lonnie Machin a.k.a. Anarky about the mayor’s words. She claims that there’s no reason to disagree with there being a higher number of Batmen and Robins, because they keep people safe; on the contrary, Anarky notices that a military strike force like the one the Bat-family represents is something that can choose its goals for the whole city, so the tension of the people of Gotham is the healthy response to question the status quo, even if that may mean somebody will get hurt. He proceeds to invite her to join the Victim Syndicate and, to her denial, he gives her an address to go to in a few weeks to ”see for herself”. Then she’ll be able to choose. As she rushes out of Arkham, she’s stopped by Clayface, who tries to tell her her boyfriend, Red Robin, is back from his apparent death, but to no avail.

At her place, Stephanie dresses up as Spoiler while she comments on how Anarky reminds her of Tim for his confidence in how to help people. Suddenly, someone knocks at her door: it’s Tim, trying to explain the whole complex situation he’s found himself in. She shuts him up and, crying, jumps at him with a passionate kiss. Tim tells her he now understands what he needs to do and that he needs her help to ”save the world”: then he’ll stop being a vigilante like he promised her. Spoiler is not sure she’ll be accepted back by the Bat-family, but Tim reassures her.

Three weeks later, Drury Walker, a.k.a. the Killer Moth, is getting ready for an important meeting with big representatives of the most powerful crime organizations in Gotham City. When a member of the Whisper Gang dismisses him with arrogance, Killer Moth gets angry and states that they all fear the newly developed ”strike force” of the Bats, so they need his protection. As an incentive, he teases his possible customers with the announcement of an ”army of his own”, comprising Firefly, Ratcatcher, Mister Zsasz and especially the powerful Solomon Grundy, as they all come out of the shadows to join him.

Meanwhile, on the rooftop, Batwoman and Red Robin watch the scene. Tim thinks that Killer Moth has finally made a good move for himself, but Batwoman wants to talk about Tim’s BAD move: lying to Spoiler, not telling her he won’t go back to school and that he actually intends to become Batman, although a different version than Bruce Wayne’s or his future self’s. The conversation is put to a halt by a communication by Azrael: they’ve sealed the entrances and everyone is ready to move.

The representatives are shocked by Killer Moth’s ability to get Grundy to work for him, as he states his prices to be protected by his team. Unfortunately, though, Grundy turns out to be Clayface in disguise, as the others enter the location and Red Robin knocks out a disheartened Killer Moth.

At the Gotham City Hall, the newly settled Mayor Akins dismisses one of his collaborators, as he’s visited by the Batman. The mayor clearly states that the drop in crimes will surely help him politically, but he’s also worried about the direction this is taking: the militarization of the Batmen, the alliance with criminal Clayface and the use of several teenagers as vigilantes. Batman answers that he shouldn’t be the one speaking, as he accepted the son of Hamilton Hill (a corrupt politician) as his Deputy to get the office. The mayor doesn’t seem scared by these allegations, asking with a hardened face ”Where does this end?”.

In an unknown location, Anarky talks to his boss, the First Victim, about how close Spoiler was to understanding and taking their side. Victim isn’t worried about any of that, not even the return of Tim Drake: as two men dressed as policemen help him put on his attire, he claims that everything has been set in motion for the fall of the Bat-family at the hands of one of their own. He’s now surrounded by his minions of the Victim Syndicate: Madame Crow, Mister Noxious, Mudface, The Mute and Anarky himself, as he says ”They will finally know what it is to be a victim”.
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Jan 2018
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United States
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Modern Age
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Detective Comics Vol 1
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2018-07-02 23:00:48
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