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Barely Legal
Judy (Nude inside) photographed by Night Moves Enterprises

Three Times A Baby: Barely Legal’s Little Ladies Celebrate Our Third Anniversary
Daddy Warned Me About What Guys Do...
Our Popping-Fresh Nymphettes Still Taste Cherry
Party Naked at the Barely Legal Anniversary Bash


4. amy: shy girl
photography by geoff howes
14. idol worship
a look at BARELY LEGAL role models this months postadolescent archetype—oksana baiul
18. judy: look, no cooties!
photography by night moves enterprises
27. BARELY LEGAL girl talk
tart-to-tart advice
28. candy: want some?
photography by scott st. lames
36. third-anniversary report BARELY LEGAL abroad
foreign correspondent Jeannie albright gets wet on foreign shOres, meets with barely legal teens from around the world and writes all about it in her private diary
43. corky has an anniversary cow
44. sadie: secret little lady
photography by ralph medland
53. the first time I showed my barely legals
BARELY LEGAL girls remember
56. felicity: free-love pixie
centerfold photography by bob tanner
64. party naked! third-anniversary nerd at the BARELY LEGAL anniversary bash
revelations by mary lune mutton
72. rebecca: doll for a day
photography by dean keefer
78. girl on men
one chick’s opinion by lilly anne
82. lorna: soiled, sticky sweetheart
photography by steve colby
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