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Bake From Scratch 2020 May-June
With the return of bustling farmers’ markets and the flood of peak summer produce in stores, we have one thought: bring on the berries, the stone fruits, and all of the rich, ripe tomatoes! We’ve got big plans for said tomatoes: popping them into our Upside-Down Heirloom Tomato Cornbread. And the berries? They’re gracing the blueberry-packed and custard-filled Gâteau Basque Loaf, just one of the many ways we’re twirling up the 9x5-inch loaf pan, and our sweet cover star, Vanilla-Strawberry Sandwich Cookies. Bananas also get their due with our banana baking bonanza. But this issue goes beyond celebrating summer produce. It’s a celebration of all that summer brings to bakers. First, we check in with baking and blogging inspiration Zoë François in her oasis of a kitchen in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Then we turn it to our readers. We asked you, dear readers, what your favorite places are, institutions that have earned a warm place in the hearts of many. And you delivered. Find out which of your hometown bakeries made the grade and go ahead and bookmark the whole list. It might be time for a road trip!
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