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Defending Your Life
Yuppie Daniel Miller is killed in a car accident and goes to Judgment City, a waiting room for the afterlife. During the day, he must prove in a courtroom-style process that he successfully overcame his fears (a hard task, given the pitiful life we are shown); at night, he falls in love with Julia, the only other young person in town. Nights are a time of hedonistic pleasure, since you can (for instance) eat all you want without getting fat.

All of your life is on videotape -- or perhaps laser disk -- to make it easier on your prosecutor and defense attorney at Judgement City to randomly access a few episodes to show whether you made the most of the life you just completed. If you didnt make the most of that life, you will be sent back to try again and again until you do get it right. And the court must be taking an advance peek at that life tape. Posh accommodations go to those who look like they will merit moving up to citizen of the universe -- like Julia who falls for Daniel, whose quarters have no ambiance at all.
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Romantic Comedy
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Ethan Embry
Meryl Streep
Shirley MacLaine
Rip Torn
Albert Brooks
Lee Grant
Buck Henry
Mary Pat
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Albert Brooks
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2018-02-07 17:57:26
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