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The New Guy
The movie begins with a prison inmate, Luther (Eddie Griffin), speaking directly to the camera to an unseen individual, telling the story of Dizzy Gillespie Harrison (DJ Qualls), an 18-year-old high school senior and nerd. Dizzy is friends with Nora (Zooey Deschanel), Kirk (Jerod Mixon) and Glen (Parry Shen),[2] who together started a funk rock band and are addicted to video games. They attend Rocky Creek High School, where Dizzy is picked on by basically everyone, but especially star football player Barclay. This occurs before and after Tina Osgood, the school’s sex symbol holds his hands, causes him to have an erection and the jocks started to belittle him because of that,[2][3] The school librarian (played by Justine Johnston) would eventually "break” it after Dizzy refuses to "hand” over the "weapon” to her.[1][3] Dizzy’s white briefs were yanked from underneath his pants and placed around his head[2] - revealing the erect penis in plain sight to nearly everyone instead of "covering it.” Dizzy is misdiagnosed with Tourette syndrome; he is then placed on medication by the school counselor who advises his father (Lyle Lovett) to spend every moment possible with him. While at the mall’s food court, the heavily medicated Dizzy makes a fool of himself at a church revival and gets arrested.[1]
In jail, Dizzy meets Luther, who turns out to be a sympathetic ex-victim who makes it his goal to teach him how to be cool.[2] In an attempt to wipe the slate clean, Dizzy gets himself expelled from his old high school, then undergoes a makeover with the help of the prison inmates and guards.[1] Changing his name to ’Gil Harris’, he enrolls at East Highland High and makes an impression by being dropped off in a prison van in restraints (a reference to Con Air) and beating up the school bully, Connor.[1]
The action has an intended effect, and head cheerleader, Danielle (Eliza Dushku), welcomes the newcomer to school.[2] Her friend Courtney (Sunny Mabrey) invites Dizzy to a party and through a mishap, Dizzy gives Courtney the impression that he has rejected her. Using a photo given to him by the prison inmates and help from his old friends, Dizzy manages to escape the party with his reputation intact. Upon returning home, however, he finds his father has agreed to sell his house and quit work to supervise him, which results in the pair living in a trailer.
At the football game, Dizzy, referencing General Patton in the film, Patton, gives an impassioned speech to the team, who proceed to win their first game. He is soon enlisted by the coach and principal to plan the school’s homecoming dance, and becomes imbued with school spirit, shedding his bad boy image.
However, Dizzy and Gil are fast becoming too big for one body. When Nora berates Dizzy for becoming the same person he once hated, he uses his newfound popularity to confront Connor. Dizzy and Danielle spur the students to reunite, and the lines dividing the different cliques are broken. With a new philosophy, the school football team begins to win games and bullying becomes a thing of the past.[1] Reaching the state championship, where they play Rocky Creek, Dizzy’s antics on the sideline cost Rocky Creek the game, although Barclay recognizes his old punching bag. At school the next day, he attempts to beat up Dizzy, and is in turn attacked by the entire student body. After the attack, Connor helps up Barclay from the ground, telling him he wants to know what he knows (about Dizzy).
The homecoming dance, which Dizzy’s funk band is supposed to play, is crashed by the students of Rocky Creek. Barclay and Connor, who have joined forces to set a trap for Dizzy, play an embarrassing video of the librarian incident. However, Luther and the other inmates arrive to save Dizzy and tie up the two bullies. Nora admits longstanding feelings for Glen, and Dizzy and Danielle reconcile.
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