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Bachelor *, The

Like an astronomical amount of seemingly normal guys, Jimmie Shannon (Chris O’Donnell - Batman and Robin) and ”marriage” are socially incompatible. And despite Jimmie’s love for sweetheart, Anne ( Renee Zellweger - Jerry Maguire), he just can’t bring himself to say - let alone do - the ”m” word, well not with sincerity anyway. To be fair, he does make a half-hearted attempt at commitment but ”you win!” doesn’t quite grab Anne and she promptly dumps Jimmie back in to bachelordom. When Jimmie’s grandfather (Peter Ustinov) dies shortly thereafter and wills him $100 million, it comes with a catch: Jimmie must marry before his thirtieth birthday or lose the lot. So with less than 24 hours before the big 3-0, Jimmie must face his fears, remember the benefits and win back the only true love he has ever had (then it all fails, find a substitute!).
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Romantic Comedy
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Renee Zellweger
Hal Holbrook
Marley Shelton
Niecy Nash
James Cromwell
Jennifer Esposito
Peter Ustinov
Mariah Carey
Katharine Towne
Andy Arness
Edward Asner
Artie Lange
Sarah Silverman
Brooke Shields
Nancy O’Dell
Brian Leonard
Nicholas Pryor
Shenita Moore
Romy Rosemont
Edith Fields
Christopher Carroll
Cal Nguyen
Maree Cheatham
Jim Jackman
Ken Baldwin
Stacy Edwards
Rebecca Cross
Pat Finn
Marnie Alexenburg
Chris O’Donnell
Jodi Taylor
Michael Deeg
Johan-Carl Nowack
Mark Norby
Elizabeth Guber
Gustavo Vargas
Brantley Bush
Janean Christine Mariani
Kelly Jean Peters
Lydell M. Cheshier
Scott Trimble
Anastasia Horne
Tracey Evans
Michael Lee Merrins
Stephany Storey
Jenni Pulos
Amy Mills
Annie Coffee
Chace Acton
Cheri Rae Russell
Erik Kever Ryle
Jane L. Powell
Jason Aaron Baca
Jen McAllister
Joe Meek
Johnny Liska
Kevin Jones
Kiva Dawson
Lea Llovio
Lisa Nalen
Louis Ganapoler
Marnie Schneider
Mary J. White
Natalie Bartlett
Rebecca Gray
Robert Kotecki
Robin Lyon
Steve Hosford
T.L. Brooke
Tim Perez
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Gary Sinyor
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