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The Greatest Story Ever Told
George Stevens’ epic production. "My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken Me?” It is towards this climactic crossroads that the story of Jesus of Nazareth leads, and to which, at the final moment, it again looks back in triumphant retrospect. It is the anguishing crossroads where the eternal questions of faith and doubt become resolved. Star-studded cast includes Max Von Sydow (as Jesus), Dorothy McGuire (as Mary), Robert Loggia (as Joseph), Charlton Heston (as John the Baptist), Michael Anderson, Jr., Robert Blake, Jamie Farr, David McCallum, Roddy McDowall, Ina Balin, Janet Margolin, Sidney Poitier, Carroll Baker, Pat Boone, Van Heflin, Sal Mineo, Shelley Winters, Ed Wynn, John Wayne, Telly Savalas, Angela Lansbury, Paul Stewart, Harold J. Stone, Martin Landau, Joseph Schildkraut, Victor Buono, Jose Ferrer, Claude Rains, Donald Pleasence, Richard Conte and Cyril Delevanti.
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Martin Landau
Claude Rains
Carroll Baker
John Wayne
Angela Lansbury
Max Von
Robert Loggia
Joseph Schildkraut
Donald Pleasence
Telly Savalas
Victor Buono
Charlton Heston
Jose Ferrer
Janet Margolin
Van Heflin
Roddy McDowall
David McCallum
Dorothy McGuire
Paul Stewart
Pat Boone
Shelley Winters
Ed Wynn
Richard Conte
Sal Mineo
Gary Raymond
Sydney Poitier
Ina Balin
Nehemiah Persoff
Michael Anderson
Joanna Dunham
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George Stevens
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