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Free Willy 1-3
Fishermen separate a young orca whale (Willy) from his parents and he ends up in a fish bowl at a marina. Meanwhile, a street kid runs afoul of the law and gets caught vandalising the marina, but his social worker gets him off the hook (so to speak) provided he cleans up his mess at the marina. While there, he befriends the whale and teaches him tricks, something the trainer hasnt been able to do. But when Willy is a dud in front of the audience, the marina owner plans some bad things, and the boy and his friends must try to save Willy.
Two years ago the boy Jesse helped the whale Willy to jump into freedom. Jesse enjoys the life with his adoptive parents, when his half-brother Elvis arrives because of the death of their mother. During a camping trip Jesse meets Willy again, as well as his Indian friend Randolph. A tender love develops between Jesse and Rudolphs goddaughter Nadine. Suddenly a crashed oil tanker endangers the whales, and several animal and human lives have to be saved as well when the oil catches fire. Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home (1995) Willy the whale is back, this time threatened by illegal whalers making money off sushi. Jesse, now 16, has taken a job on an orca-researching ship, along with old friend Randolph and a sarcastic scientist, Drew. On the whalers ship is captain John Wesley and his son, Max, who isnt really pleased about his fathers job, but doesnt have the gut to say so. Along the way, Willy reunites with Jesse, who helps Max realize that whales are a little more than just cheese burgers.
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Michael Madsen
Jason James Richter
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