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Alfred Hitchcock: The Legend Begins
20 Movie Classics
Hitchcock wove an unforgettable blend of fear, dreams, dread and suspense into a memorable and chilling body of work.

*Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The
Chaney Vase-An elderly
Woman finds herself prisoner
In her own home. 1955-1962

*Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The
Sorcerer’s Apprentice-A young
drifter is befriended by a
carnival magician and his
beautiful assistant, who don’t
realize who they’ve gotten
themselves involved with.

*Blackmail-A shopkeeper’s
daughter seeks to keep her
involvement in a murder away
from her Scotland Yard
detective boyfriend. 1929

*Champagne-(Silent) A wealthy
Wall Street philanthropist is
exasperated by his daughter’s
behavior so he looks to teach
her a lesson. 1928

*Easy Virtue-(Silent) A woman
has an affair with an artist
painting her portrait and is
subsequently caught by her
boorish husband who drove
her into the artist’s arms due to
his lack of attention. 1926

*The Farmer’s Wife-(Silent) A
lonely widowed farmer is
looking for a new bride, not
realizing the housekeeper
helping him with his search is
secretly in love with him. 1928

*Jamaica Inn-A gang of ship
wreckers using the inn as their
base if operations must try to
keep their activities hidden
from a gang member’s niece
and also a Lloyd’s of Lindon
investigator who have recently
arrived. 1939

*Juno And The Paycock-A
mother of a family of Dublin
tenement dwellers tries to hold
the family together in spite of
the chaos surrounding her.

*The Lady Vanishes-During a
transcontinental train trip in
Europe, a young woman is
alarmed to discover a
passenger has disappeared.

*The Lodger-(Silent) The city of
London is in the grips of fear
as a killer known as "The
Avenger” murders young
blonde women during foggy
evenings. 1926

*The Man Who Knew Too
Much-A vacationing British
business man and his family
find themselves in great danger
when they witness the murder
of a French secret agent. 1934

*The Manxman-(Silent) A
romantic tale of intrigue
involving a love triangle
concerning three residents of
the Isle of Man. 1926

*Number Seventeen-A group of
visitors at a vacant house finds
they all have some connection
to a jewel heist. 1932

*Rich And Strange-A couple
living in a working-class section
receives an inheritance and
decides to use their windfall
to take a cruise. While aboard
ship, the couple ends up losing
all of their funds. 1832

*The Ring-(Silent) A fighter
boxes in small venues and his
marriage is eroding, due to the
advances of a champion fighter
upon his wife. 1927

*Sabotage-The operator of a
local cinema also works with a
group of saboteurs, and hides
his secret life from his wife
and brother-in-law. 1936

*Secret Agent-Set during WWI,
a British author is recruited to
assassinate a German spy
operating out of Switzerland.

*The Skin Game-A land use
dispute comes to the English
countryside and pits a land
speculator and his family
against the tradition-bound
local landowner and his family.

*The Thirty-Nine Steps-A
Canadian gentleman visiting
London gets mixed up with
some foreign espionage. 1935

*Young And Innocent-A writer
accused of murdering his
girlfriend escapes police
custody with a woman in tow
and the two fugitives attempt
to find the real killer to prove
the man’s innocence. 1937
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Alfred Hitchcock
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