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The Dream Team
Dr. Weitzman works with patients in a sanitarium. Convinced that all that his group needs is a some fresh air and some time away from the sanitarium, he persuades the administration to allow him to take them to a ballgame. Unfortunately, he accidentally stumbles across a crime in progress and ends up in hospital. The group are stranded in New York City, forced to cope with a place which is often more bizarre than their sanitarium.

Mike is a tad delusional. Harry believes hes a doctor. Jack is an ad executive who believes Jesus is speaking to him. Albert is an adult who occasionally wets himself. When they are taken to a ball game by Dr. Weitzman they witness a murder and Weitzman is attacked and hospitalized. The four crazies find that Weitzman will be murdered as a witness and no one believes four mental patients. They have to both use and overcome their delusions in order to save the only decent doctor who is treating them, with both the police and the killers looking for them.
Digital Copy
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Christopher Lloyd
Michael Keaton
Peter Boyle
Philip Bosco
Stephen Furst
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Howard Zieff
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